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Technical Supervision

Provision of technical and administrative supervision services

Provision of consulting services for the review and approval of engineering, civil works and electromechanical assembly "For Construction", control engineering for the integration of the new power equipment to the substation control and protection network, on-site control of the works, during the execution phases, commissioning tests and commercial operation, review and delivery of the final documentation for the project "Transformer replacement T-CUC05 34.5 / 13.8 kV - 6.5 kV", works to be executed by the Network Operator (AIR-E).

Provision of the supervision service for the construction of the project associated with the adaptation works due to an increase in the short-circuit level to 40 kA of the Sabanalarga 220 kV substation, owned by TRANSELCA S.A. E.S.P.

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