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Our services

EMS S.A.S. offers comprehensive solutions to all actors in the supply chain of the Electric Power Service: Transportation, Distribution, Generation and Marketing; both private and public clients interested in expanding or improving their electrical infrastructure of Transmission Lines, Distribution Networks, Medium, High and Extra High Voltage Electrical Substations, Thermal and Hydraulic Power Plants, developing tailored packages.

Enterprise Management Services S.A.S. develops for its clients Electromechanical and Civil designs conceptualizing and translating into formal documents all plans, calculation memories and technical criteria necessary for the subsequent execution of their projects, for which we offer:

  • Pre-feasibility and Technical and Financial Feasibility Studies.
  • Conceptual Engineering.
  • Design and basic and detailed engineering in 2D and 3D.
  • Value Engineering.

Enterprise Management Services S.A.S. offers its clients the preparation of studies, diagnoses, advice and support that guarantee continuity in the processes, the care of the environment in a sustainable way, the safety of people, equipment and facilities and the successful and timely completion of projects, for which puts at your disposal:

  • Supervision of Construction of Works and Projects.
  • Organization Analysis and Process Reengineering.
  • Connection and Regulatory Studies.
  • Evaluation of investment projects.
  • Management and Supervision of Investment Programs.
  • Proyect Management.
  • Investment Banking, Due Diligence.
  • Preparation of Specifications and Terms of reference for contracting services.
    Asset Management.

EMS provides its clients with tailored comprehensive solutions in the following ways:

  • Turnkey Projects or EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)
  • EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management)
  • BOT (Built, Operate and Transfer)
  • BOOT (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer)
  • Construction Management
  • Project Commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Accompaniment and advice for the execution of FAT tests (Factory Acceptance Test) of electrical equipment.

EMS provides its clients with tailored comprehensive solutions in the following ways:

  • Administration, operation and maintenance of electrical networks, lines and substations.
  • Electrical, electronic, mechanical, metalworking and civil maintenance of industrial plants and associated general services.

EMS provides its clients with tailored comprehensive solutions in the following ways:

  • Establishment and maintenance of plantations, agricultural and livestock systems, forestry and agroindustrial.
  • Design, Construction, Urbanization of residential, commercial, medical and industrial developments.
  • Design and construction of roads and associated works of art.
  • Execution, supervision and administration of work.
  • Preparation of costs and budgets.
  • Costs and Projects Engineering.
  • Remodeling, adaptations and adaptations of existing buildings.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Aqueduct Networks.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Sewer Networks.
  • Design and Construction of Hydraulic solutions.
  • Environmental studies for engineering projects and / or construction extensions (quality of air, water, soil, and biodiversity).
  • Advice for the process of granting, renewal, modification and monitoring of licenses, concessions and environmental permits by the environmental authority.
  • Assessment of environmental costs and design of strategies aimed at integral management in the formulation of a project.
  • Design and preparation of environmental impact studies (EIA) and / or diagnosis of alternatives (DAA) in accordance with Colombian legislation.
  • Specific advice on the implementation of the different components of an environmental management plan for road, electrical, hydrocarbon and industrial infrastructure works.
  • Completion of the single environmental registry – RUA.
  • Preparation of environmental compliance reports – ICA.
  • Design of solution strategies and integral management of solid waste.
  • Design of Composting and Agriculture plans for organic fertilizers.
  • Processing and interpretation of satellite images.
  • Development of spatial databases.
  • GIS applications for the generation of basic and thematic cartography.
  • GIS applications on the internet / intranet to view, consult and analyze geographic information on the network.
  • Preparation of Geodatabases – GDB for PMA, DAA, ICA, and RUA generating base and thematic cartography, according to the requirements of Environmental Authorities.
  • Land clearing.
  • Stripping of lots.
  • Cutting, loading and transport of materials.
  • Leveling and profiling.
  • Filled and compacted.
  • Dredging of canals and docks.
  • Disposal of surplus.
  • Supply and transport of quarry material and aggregates for construction.
  • Pruning and felling of plant material.
  • Forest inventory.
  • Reforestation.
  • Construction and reinforcement of Slope.
  • Planning Studies of electrical power systems.
  • Short circuit and load flow studies.
  • Dynamic and Transient Stability Analysis.
  • Electrical Protection Coordination Studies.
  • Isolation Coordination Studies.
  • Design and implementation of automatic low-frequency load shedding schemes and supplementary schemes for the protection of electrical areas.
  • Advice on contracting, rate analysis for the commercialization of electrical energy.
  • Analysis of events and oscillography.
  • Administration, Operation and Maintenance (A, O & M) of Electric Assets.
  • Washing of Lines and Substations.
  • Electrical Tests to Power Equipment.
    Functional Tests to Protection and Control Systems.
  • Life management of Power Transformers.
    Modernization of Power Equipment, Protections and Control.
  • Certification of Control Center Operators and Electrical Substations.
  • Execution of satellite synchronized protection tests (End-to-End).