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Operation and Maintenance Projects

Operation and maintenance


The La Guajira Electric Reinforcement project seeks to improve the reliability of the La Guajira Regional Transmission System.

Areas of Influence

Territorial units of the municipalities of Riohacha, Manaure, Maicao and Albania in the Department of La Guajira

Project beneficiaries

Directly to 50,000 families. Indirectly more than 200,000.

Project beneficiaries

The towns of Riohacha, Manaure, Albania and Maicao are the main municipalities involved in this project, achieving a scope of:

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Wayúu communities benefited


Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta towns


Afro-descendant communities

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Directly and indirectly benefited families

Strengthen the electricity system of the Caribbean coast, particularly in the department of La Guajira