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Network Construction Projects

Electric network standardization projects.

Call UPME STR 06 2016 - Selection of an Investor and a Controller for the design, acquisition of supplies, construction, operation and maintenance of the Electric Reinforcement of La Guajira: Lines Riohacha - Maicao 110 kV and Riohacha - Cuestecita 110 kV in the department of La Guajira

Development of Basic and Detail Engineering for the Expansion of the Cuestecita 110 kV substation and Basic Engineering and detail of the 110 kV connection line

Provision of technical and administrative supervision services, during the phases of design, execution, commissioning of the provision of goods, construction and assembly of the underground and aerial section of the 220kV lines Termoflores - Nueva Barranquilla 1 and 2 LN 824 / 825 MALL PLAZA Project.

Provision of Permanent Consulting services in the Design, Assembly and Commissioning phases of the connection module of the Termoflores IV unit at 220 kV and the conversion of the Termoflores 2 substation to 110 kV from single busbar to main bus plus transfer more by -pass..