Integrated Management System

ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT SERVICES - EMS SAS, maintains an integrated management system under the standards of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 certified by BUREAU VERITAS and RUC Qualification by the Colombian Safety Council, which guarantees a greater satisfaction of our clients due to the fulfillment of the requirements in the fields for which it is hired. In the same way, we work for the physical and mental integrity of our workers through the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, as well as the prevention of environmental pollution by complying with the legal regulations on occupational health, safety and environment, all of the above supported by competent personnel, an adequate infrastructure and the continuous improvement of the processes of our integrated management system.


Comply with the specifications required by the client and deliver the projects and services in a timely manner, to guarantee their total satisfaction.

Deliver results and reports with correct and reliable information.

Ensure the care and preservation of the environment, making good use of natural resources and waste generated in our activity.

Take care of the physical and mental integrity of our staff, contractors and third parties, maintaining a healthy and safe work environment, in order to avoid injuries and property damage.

Ensure compliance with the legal regulations and standards applicable to our services in matters of quality, environment, safety and occupational health.

Increase the skills of the staff in order to develop their technical capacity for the execution of the services provided by the organization.

Maintain in optimal conditions the machines and equipment used in the provision of the service.

Guarantee an adequate selection and evaluation of the suppliers that impact the integrated management system.

Guarantee resources for the maintenance and improvement of the integrated management system.