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EMS offers customers the preparation of studies, assessments, counseling and accompaniments to ensure continuity in the process, care of the environment in a sustainable way, the safety of people, equipment and facilities and the successful and timely completion of projects, for which offers:

  • Construction Supervision of Works and Projects.
  • Organizations Analysis and Business Process Reengineering.
  • Connection and Regulatory Studies.
  • Evaluation of investment projects.
  • Management and Supervision of Investment Programs.
  • Proyect Management.
  • Investment Banking Due Diligence.
  • Preparation of specifications and terms of reference for service contracts.
  • Asset management.
  • Development of action plans for the integrated management of energy loss recovery.
  • Management of investment projects to expand electricity coverage.
  • Integral management business improvement plans, development and standardization of electrical installations slums and remote areas management.
  • Analysis of control schemes Energy Balance in power distribution systems.
  • Development and implementation of schemes of electrical networks and measurement sectors Antifraud high losses.
  • conceptual, regulatory structure, technical, financial and environmental projects Public Lighting Award
  • Development of profitability analysis and sustainability models of electrical infrastructure projects with contributions from government, private sector.