Civil Works Projects

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Civil Works, Assembly, excavations, Earthworks services, Installation of pipes and accessories.

Earth movement and urban planning of the extension of the main road of the San José del Norte project.

Installation of HDPE pipes and accessories for the aqueduct and pluvial and sanitary sewer network of the villas de San Pablo project - FMSD - Barranquilla / Atlántico

Turnkey construction of 584 homes in the municipalities of Manaure and Uribia in La Guajira, in development of the free housing program of the National government

Execution of civil works for the installation of the Potable Water Network and Sewage Impulse line for the container yard, machinery and heavy equipment parking, for the start of works in the SPPB.

Civil Works and Assembly, Excavation Services (stripping, removal of shrubs and / or felling of trees, cutting of material from the property, filling, compacting and logging) until reaching the ground level of the project located in Santa Marta

Civil works consisting of excavations, filled with selected material, leveling and compaction of the land for the construction of the construction project of the Termoflores IV generation plant

ARGOS San José del norte project