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EMS offers comprehensive solutions in services to both private and public clients interested in expanding or improving their infrastructure, developing customized packages

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EMS offers integral solutions to all actors in the Electric Power Service supply chain: Transportation, Distribution, Generation and Marketing; both to private and public clients interested in expanding or improving their electrical infrastructure of Transmission Lines, Distribution Networks, Medium, High and Extra High Voltage Electrical Substations, Thermal and Hydraulic Power Plants, developing customized packages.


We develop electromechanical and civil designs for our clients, conceptualizing and registering in formal documents all the calculation plans and technical criteria necessary for the subsequent execution of their projects.


EMS offers its clients the preparation of studies, diagnoses, consultancies and accompaniments that guarantee continuity in the processes, caring for the environment in a sustainable way and the safety of people.


Our Environmental Services are aimed at preventing, controlling and mitigating the environmental impacts generated in the development of the economic activities of our clients.


EMS offers its clients comprehensive solutions adapted to the following modalities: Turnkey projects, EPCM, BOT, BOOT, Construction Management, Project Start-up, Commissioning, Accompaniment and advice for the execution of electrical equipment tests.


We offer land clearing services, Eliminating lots, Cutting, loading and transport of materials, Leveling and profiling, Filling and compaction, Channels and dredging docks, Removal of leftovers, Supply and transport of quarry material and aggregates for construction.


As of November 2015, ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT SERVICES S.A.S. It was registered as a commercial border verification company according to CREG resolution 038 of 2014. This registration was registered and validated by the marketing advisory commission CAC.

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